Natural History Museum Scientists Hunt Marine Fossils In Borneo

Six scientists from the Natural History Museum, United Kingdom, are making their way to Borneo to study fossils of tropical marine creatures from 20 million years ago.

They comprise two coral researchers, a microfossils researcher, a molluscs researcher, a bryozoans researcher, and a curator-palaeobotanist.

The field study will take place in Samarinda, in West Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo.

Their mission — to look at how changes in the environment have affected coral reefs and shallow tropical marine ecosystems.

“This area has been a marine diversity hotspot for the last 20 million years and we want to look at the corals, molluscs, bryozoans, algae, and microfossils to understand how these organisms have interacted, evolved and adapted over that time,” curator and palaeobotanist Dr Lil Stevens said in a blog post.