Ah, It’s Harvest Festival… I Present To You The Traditional Music Of My Tribe

The sound you are about to hear is the traditional music of my tribe, the Kimaragang. It’s called the Pinakang, which is one of the tribes’ traditional musics. The other is called Pomilukan, but I don’t have the sound bite.

Here it is — Pinakang

“Borneo” Album By One of Germany’s Best Jazz-Rock Bands

In 1982, one of Germany’s best known jazz-rock bands called To Be, recorded this jazz album titled “Borneo”. It was re-released by Oh Yes Record in 2006 and is now available for download worldwide.

If your are a jazz fan or curious to find out how the band jazzes up “Borneo”, you can download the album “Borneo” by To Be for US$8.91 or one individual song at a time at $0.99 each.