Borneo Catepillar

A Borneo caterpillar that looks like it is part of the shrubs it is crawling on, is the latest creature to be featured in National Geographic’s “Photo of the Day”. The photograph of the lichen-colored caterpillar was taken in Sarawak, Borneo.

Slow-moving and vulnerable to attacks, camouflaging itself to match its surroundings is the most effective means of defence against predators.

Things to See or Do in Borneo: The Tip of Borneo

So you are in Borneo after travelling half way — or quarter way — around the globe. What better way to commemorate your trip than to visiting the northern most of the world’s third largest island and take a postcard picture of yourself at The Tip of Borneo.

Tip of Borneo landmark

The Tip of Borneo, located at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, is about 180km or about three hours’ drive from Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah.

The Tip of Borneo… “Rhein II” wannabe

Rhein II, the world’s most expensive photograph

In case you are wondering what to do at The Tip of Borneo other than being there, well, if you have plenty of time to kill, there are chalets available for you to spend the night by the beach.

The beach all by yourself

From here, you will be able to reach several attractions only seen in the northern part of Sabah, notable of which are the Rungus traditional longhouse located in Kampung Tinangol, about 30km away.

Sandy beach and crystal clear water at The Tip of Borneo

Rocky promontory… the tip end of Borneo

A lone island at the Tip of Borneo

This is where the Tip of Borneo is…

How to reach The Tip of Borneo from the United States? :) Well, get on a flight which will either take you to Kuala Lumpur (KUL) or Singapore (SIN). From there, take a flight to Kota Kinabalu (BKI), rent a car, switch on your GPS and find Tanjung Simpang Mengayau.

Borneo In Pictures: Menggatal Town

In many towns in Sabah, the Malaysian state on Borneo Island, old shophouse buildings can still be seen standing and functioning like the way they were in yesteryear, albeit in their dilapidated state. This row of wooden shop houses in Menggatal town, about 16km from the state capital of Kota Kinabalu, is among the few remaining buildings reminiscence of how things were in the 50s and 60s.

Old shophouse in Menggatal Town, Sabah, Borneo

Borneo In Pictures: Sikuati Tobacco Seller

Far flung places, like those in rural Borneo, provide ample photographic opportunities, particularly the people and their cultures and traditions. This picture of a tobacco shred seller was taken in Sikuati, a small town in Sabah, the Malaysian state on Borneo island.