Go Sabah App Short Review

The Go Sabah app was launched officially today at the World Islamic Travel Mart-Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents Fair 2013 in Kuala Lumpur. The app, available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, has been online for the past couple of months and has so far clocked 1,000 downloads. A word of caution though, don’t confuse it with another app, the Turkish “Sabah” app or else you’d be left wondering why there was no reference about Borneo.

Anyway, the app is about 8MB and once downloaded and installed, it stands out among your other apps with its cute Orang Utan icon.

Go Sabah app interface

Go Sabah app interface

Tapping on the Orang Utan will open up the app’s interface (right picture, above) where you will be able to access general and specific information about getting around in Sabah, accommodation list, where to visit, travel ideas, places near you, year-round event listing, weather information as well as useful contact details such as Customs, Police, Sabah Tourism Board and so on.

“The app offers quick information of tourism attractions, facilities and a global positioning system-enabled features that guide users to the nearest facility or outlet within a 2km radius,” the Sabah Tourism Board said in a statement.

Overall, Go Sabah is a neat app. It has all the necessary information on visiting Sabah, the Malaysian Borneo. A giant Kudos for Sabah Tourism Board for developing the app. One feature that is missing though — a search function. Perhaps this can be added in future updates.

Download Go Sabah app on Google Play and iTunes.

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