Mother Elephant Rescues Calf From Drowning in Borneo River

Intelligent and caring. Watch this video of how a mother elephant helps her calf climb on slippery river bank and rescues it from drowning. Both the mother and calf were earlier crossing the river when the younger one run into difficulties upon reaching the river bank. According to a report by Daily Mail, the touching incident was recorded in Sabah’s Danau Girang Field Centre, located in the lower Kinabatangan in the east coast of Sabah.

The report says two other adult elephants came to help rescue the baby which finally managed to get on its way again half an hour later.

A word of caution: in case you encounter a similar situation in Sabah, or anywhere else for that matter, and are tempted to offer help — don’t! You might endanger yourself and the very animal you want to save.

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