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It is always enlightening to read what other people write or say about Borneo and in this era of connected world, it is not too difficult to find content written and shared online by those who have visited the island.

A series of blog entries by a senior leader of a birding tour company based in Tucson, Arizona, USA is one of the more recent content available online on Borneo.

In these articles, Richard C. Hoyer, Senior Leader at WINGS Tour, talks about his visit to places like Danum Valley and Mount Kinabalu.

Horned beetle

Horned beetle

In one of the entries, he describes Lahad Datu as the “Hilux capital of the world,” observing that “every fourth vehicle in the city’s congested streets is a Hilux.” Double cab trucks are indeed a common place vehicle in Sabah.

He expresses dismay at what he describes as “utter destruction of unimaginable riches of biodiversity,” saying, “Upon approaching the city, all I could see for miles and miles was African Oil Palm plantations.”

Follow his journey at Birderandnaturalist blog, which contains four entries from the trip:

1. Borneo Blog: My First Acquaintances with Pittas, Gibbons, and Wren-Babblers.
2. Borneo Blog: Square Pegs and Round Holes.
3. Borneo Blog: Travel Day Travails from KK to Danum Valley.
4. Reflections on My Three Days At Mount Kinabalu.

Mount Kinabalu as seen from Kundasang town

Mount Kinabalu as seen from Kundasang town

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