I’m Back In Borneo After Seven Long Years

When I first started this blog during the third quarter of 2007, I was in my second year of posting in Singapore. I was missing this island so much, and shuddered at the thought of being away from it until retirement. So I started this blog where I post stories about Borneo that pique my interest.

By end of 2007 I was transferred back home to Malaysia, a promotion for me, but that also meant that I would have to work in the national capital, Kuala Lumpur, for the rest of my working years.

Dusk, as seen from the balcony of my home in Menggatal

I would have had to live in KL until I reached my golden years had it not for a plan I hatched slightly more than a year ago — a Borneo homecoming plan. It consisted of an early retirement idea, resettling my wife and kids to Kota Kinabalu from Kuala Lumpur, and coming up with a career plan post-retirement.

To cut the long story shot, in January this year, I bought a one-way ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu, packed my things at my rented home in Cheras, and ship them back, including my old Toyota pick-up truck. On February 11, I was on my flight back, and now, for all intent and purpose, I’m back.

A stretch of the Kionsom River, Inanam, 14km from Kota Kinabalu

I’m now on leave and will tender my early retirement letter shortly.

What does this mean is that, I can now blog about Borneo in Borneo itself and not arm-chairing from some locations outside the island. That means, a more regular blogging here and with more hands-on contents. And that, my friends, is a good thing :)


  1. Welcome back! It’s great to have more bloggers to talk about our homeland. :)

  2. Hey, thanks, Murphy. It feels real good to be back :)

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