Iceland vs. Borneo… A Musical Frolic On Road Less Travelled

by Jaxon S on July 16, 2011

in Borneo in the Eyes of the World

A sense of perplexity lingers in the air as I write this, having just sampled the kind of music, or sound, or ambiance, coming from the album Iceland vs. Borneo by John Hirschmann, an electronic musician unknown to you and me, and perhaps, to the rest of mainstream music listeners.

For a sample of what strange arrangements encapsulated by the thought-provoking allusion of how Iceland and Borneo might mix, listen to the album by clicking on the track list on the embedded player below.

The music seems rustic, chaotic even, and if you are to dance to its extremes, you might end up with legs twisted.

These are music tracks plucked from the road less travelled, a pulsating narrative of free radical electronics bouncing in the dense jungle of Borneo or burrowing in the dead cold mountains of Iceland, like I know there are dead cold mountains there. Haha, I don’t even understand what I’m saying… duh!

I kinda like the mysterious sound of track Number Seven, Negalife 1, though.

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