Borneo Beetle Among Four New Jewel Beetle Species Discovered


by Jaxon S on July 10, 2011

in Borneo Flora and Fauna

A jewel beetle collected from a local residing in Crocker Range, Sabah, is among four new species of jewel beetles found in Southeast Asia, according to a recent report.

NEW JEWEL BEETLE SPECIES ... P. chalcogenioides, found in Crocker Range, Sabah

The jewel beetle was found by a local collector in the vicinity of Mt Trus Madi, according to the report, published in ZooKeys.

The other three species of jewel beetles — so called because of their glossy iridescent colours — were found in Thailand and Indonesia’s Sumatra and Lombok.

If you are game for scientific description of the species, here is the report, in PDF. The pictures of the four species are also shown in the report. Here is a question worth pondering: how many more species of Borneo flora and fauna which are yet to be discovered?

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