Dynamite Fishing, Fish Bombing in Borneo

Despite the authorities “best effort”, dynamite fishing or what is commonly known as fish bombing, is still taking place in the waters of Borneo, particularly around Sabah.

Destructive and deadly, the age-old fishing method is illegal but like all things unlawful, it is difficult to wipe out.

And it is not confined to only in Borneo but in neighbouring regions as well.


  1. We always laugh at the story of a greedy man who kills the geese that lays gold eggs. Sadly, such idiotic behavior does exist. Those morons simply bomb the coral reefs that nurture the fishes. If the government can’t solve their poverty problem, education is useless.

  2. Sad but true indeed

  3. For me, poverty can’t b the main reason of dynamite fishing. There are other ways to catch fish. And aside from this you can also affect the health of the consumer who will eat the fish catch by dynamite fishing.

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