No More Politics in Borneo Blog

After giving it much thought, I decided to steer this blog away from politics. There are many socio-political blogs out there which are able articulate the issue minus the kind of constraints that I face.

You know what I mean, you know how things work. Until such time when I can unshackle myself from those constraints, politics will remain the unblogged subject here.

This blog will instead focus on what Borneo is to the outside world — a place of beauty and a faraway island struggling to keep its pristine heritage in the onslaught of development. This blog will also carry news and stories about the people of Borneo as well as those of other places on the planet which share the world’s rainforest.

I will also be deleting political-related entries in this blog. You will also find entries about the so-called Sabah claim by the Sultan of Sulu deleted from this blog. I’ve had enough of the diatribe of profanities spewed out by commentators trying to put forward what barely qualifies as opinion when discussing the issue.

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