Aljazeera Says Corruption Linked To Borneo Deforestation


  1. Possibly they are correct in that statement!

    Most certainly its an ecological disaster in the making.

    IOts the loggers and the illlegal loggers that started it. These are nothing but greedy ‘green gold’ diggers. Those people should watch the SkyNews video. I challenge them not to cry as a baby Orang looks back on his empty burning home. They, the rescuers have to almost tear his arm to get him to a ‘safe house’.

    Its about also what products have Palm Oil in it and iliminate from our shelves but I know only about Dove products and I can live without those in favor of ‘Simple’ products.

    Thats a company name btw..Simple’– nothing added. But thats just one product (Dove) If we look at the ingredients it does’nt actually say Palm Oil so how to tell?

    Tesco, Morrisons etc are doing what they can.

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