WWF Captures Images of Near Extinct Sumatran Rhino

WWF-Malaysia’s Borneo Species Programme team has captured images of Sumatran rhino, one of the world’s most endangered species.

Sumatran Rhino

The team said the pictures strengthen “the argument to sustainably manage the forests” in the Hearts of Borneo, where the pictures were taken.

“The future of rhinos in Borneo now depends on how seriously the forest reserves can be managed sustainably with effective monitoring carried out and supported by appropriate activities,” said Raymond Alfred, the senior manager of the programme.

Experts estimated that there are only about 30 rhinos left in the wild in Borneo, mostly in Sabah.

rhinoAlfred said that the rhinos’ key habitat in this forest may still or could be connected; especially between the Tabin Wildlife Reserve and Lower Kinabatangan River region.

“However, further conversion of the natural forests, especially those located adjacent to swamp-mangrove forests, into mono-plantation (particularly oil palm) would further eliminate the important corridor connecting these two key rhino areas,” he added.


  1. I remember similar news of the Rhino find ages ago,

    Is this the same one or another? I mean, there must be more than one Rhino in Borneo anyway..surely?

    I saw the BBC ‘Expedition to Borneo’.They had the same idea to see if there was new wildlife that would save the forests..more so Borneo of course.

    They too left cameras and were lucky and got shots…a good…no wait…a fab documentary.

  2. I think these pictures are quite recent. There have been numerous pictures of the rhinos taken in the past… mostly in the same pose ;)

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