Extreme Wall Climbing On Borneo’s Alpine — Mount Kinabalu



It’s not for nothing that Sabah, the Malaysian state on Borneo island is promoted as a place where one can enjoy nature and adventure in its fine element from the mountain top to the bottom of the sea. If divers can enjoy one of the world’s finest, if not the finest, wall diving in Sipadan Island, a completely different adventure awaits extreme wall climbing enthusiasts at Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain between the New Guineas and the Himalayas.

Vertical camp

Vertical camp

No one proclaims yet that Mount Kinabalu is among the world’s finest wall climbing destinations but looking at how these dare-devils conquer the mountain on its most treacherous route — what can be more treacherous than hanging from rocks or scaling the mountain walls at 90 degrees gradient — I couldn’t help but thinking that the mountain could be among the finest place for wall climbing.

Check out this amazing production, not to mention stunning photography, which documents of the whole Mount Kinbabalu wall climbing adventure.

[Photo credit: Borneo Dispatches]


  1. wah bagus bangat yah gambarnya,saya juga suka mendaki gunung….!!

  2. wow ferpect ficture and good ,ah susah ngomong inggris mah,sukses terus yah,dan terimakasih!

  3. Jaxon S says:

    ya, terima kasih atas lawatan… blog ini akan diupdate dengan lebih aktif kira-kira seminggu lagi. semoga global warming juga terus sukses :)

  4. That certainly extreme wall climbing. Never been to mount kinabalu for a long time already.
    See you around.

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