Sipadan Breaks No 14th “Psychological Barrier”, Moves A Rung Up

sipadan-rank-13thSipadan has finally broken the Number 14 “psychological barrier”, the first time it does so since its nomination for the New Seven Wonders of Nature more than a couple of months ago. It reached Number 14 several weeks back but fell a rung to Number 15 soon after, before picking up speed and now it is in 13th position in the Island Category.

It needs to move up two more rungs to reach Number 11, the magic number that will qualify the island for the next round of voting. If votes are forthcoming, the island could reach Number 11 by the July 7 deadline.


  1. Tadpole says:

    The committee setup voting booth in all major shopping malls and also invited bloggers to vote last week. that’s why..

  2. Congrats to the Malaysian! yes, bloggers like us can cast our votes.

  3. Jaxon S says:

    Tadpole, they should step up the campaign or else Sipadan will slip again

    Patrice, many of the votes would have come from bloggers. Your travel blog is nice..

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