Rainforest News and Borneo Blog Portal

As part of its “expansion” process, Borneo Blog will now bring to you rainforest news around the world.

World rainforest distribution

World rainforest distribution

As you can see from the map below, Borneo forms a significant part of the world’s total distribution of tropical rainforest, which supplies 28 per cent of world’s oxygen and regarded as the planet’s largest pharmacy. All rainforest news, from the Amazon to the Southern Yucatan Peninsula, Papua New Guinea to Sub-Saharan Africa, will be filed under the “Rainforest News” category.

Borneo Blog Portal

I’ve also started a new project under the Borneo Blog called the Borneo Blog Portal, which aggregates blogs run by Borneo bloggers — Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan bloggers.

The “Borneo Blog Portal” is now live online as a Borneo Blog sub-domain to at http://portal.borneo-blog.com. If it takes off successfully, it may get its own domain name in the future.

How to join Borneo Blog Portal

Here’s how, email me at jaxonsblog [at] gmail.com or use the contact form here to submit your blog’s address. I will then review the submissions and if everything is in order, your blog or blogs can be accepted into the portal within 24 hours.

Your blog or blogs must have a valid syndication feed to be featured in the portal.

Here’s the deal

Once your blog is accepted, your blog entries, starting with the latest, will start appearing on the portal in the form of excerpts. Clicking on the excerpts will bring visitors to your site. The excerpts will remain in the portal for about three months.

In exchange of this, I ask a small favour that you put a link to Borneo Blog Portal — a text link will do — in your blog.

One last thing, your blog must be in English or mostly in English. The portal is now aggregating three blogs, including Borneo Blog. All suggestions are welcome.

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