From Hell to Borneo (1964)

from-hell-to-borneoBefore Arnold Schwarzenegger, before Sylvester Stallone, long before Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, there was George Montgomery.

The tough man of his era, Montgomery acted in numerous ass-kicking, bandit-shooting, explosive-throwing action movies. One of them is From Hell to Borneo, released in 1964, a year after North Borneo or Sabah, together with Sarawak, Singapore and the Malay Peninsula, formed Malaysia.

helltoborneoThe film is originally titled Hell of Borneo. According to Sandra Brennan of All Movie Guide, From Hell to Borneo is about “A wealthy mercenary lives in blissful solitude upon his private island in the Philippines. This actioner chronicles what happens when it is invaded by pirates, mobsters, and smugglers.”

Movies need not be historically or geographically correct; so, it’s okay if North Borneo is referred to as an island in the Philippines. It’s just a movie. It must have been one kind of era back then.


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