It seems that Sarawak, the other Malaysian state on Borneo Island, is home to a host of mythical creatures.

From the legendary centurion crocodile, Bujang Senang, to Bigfoot and giant snake, the biggest state in Malaysia is abound with myths and legends.

The whole of Sarawak was abuzzed last year following discovery of two giant footprints believed to those of the mythical creature Bigfoot. It turned out to be a hoax.

Now another sighting of no less gigantic proportion is reported, this time a 30-metre long snake swimming along the Baleh River.


Of course, the sighting is no different from the discovery of Bigfoot’s footprints last year — a hoax.


4 Responses to “Besides Bigfoot, Sarawak is Now Home to 30-meter Long Giant Snake”

  1. zetta172 Says:

    ohh.. bigfoot at Borneo…

  2. Jaxons Says:

    Any mysterious creature in Kalimantan?

  3. lunaticg Says:

    Is that your picture?
    Sorry but those picture look like it has been made for a another hoax.
    see you around my friend.

  4. Jaxons Says:

    Nope, these are not my picture. They are released by unknown people claiming these photos are authentic but they can’t be. Everything about the picture is wrong.. ;)

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