One of the things I fear most in my blogging activities is the possibility of running into a dead end called the writer’s block.

I’m afraid that is what is happening to this blog at the moment.

The post frequency is getting less and less, which is a pity because when I first started this blog just under a year ago, I had intended to blog here on a regular basis.

The truth is I’ve been busy and secondly, I’m currently not living in Borneo and therefore, having little in-situ access to the place I’m blogging about.

Thirdly, my attention to Borneo Blog was diverted by a new blog which I’ve just set up a month ago.

Anyway, I hope this writer’s block will find a way to unblock itself starting this month.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of sayur manis or better known as Sabah vegetable (Sauropus androngynus), which I’ve been trying to grow here in Peninsular Malaysia, with little success so far because of the lack of space that has proper soil.

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