No Peace Deal In Southern Philippine. So, No Prospect For Filipino Illegals In Sabah?


by Jaxon S on August 5, 2008

in Borneo Immigration Issue, Sabah Claim

[Photo by AP] If everything had gone according to plan, the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) would have been able to sign a landmark peace deal in Putrajaya, the Malaysian administrative capital, today.

No peace

The signing ceremony, called “Ancestral Domain Memorandum Signing Ceremony between the Phillipine Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)” was to be held at the Putrajaya Marriott Hotel at 11 am.

The deal was to create an expanded homeland of the Bangsamoro in southern Philippine island of Mindanao.

However, an unexpected setback had reared its head just 24 hours before the ceremony, pushing the peace prospect in Mindanao back to the drawing board.

And possibly, back to the battlefront.

Court injunction

The setback was in the form of a court order issued by Philippine Supreme Court after politicians in the south filed an application, asking the court to halt the ceremony.

The politicians claimed that the signing was unconstitutional as it could “carve up the southern island of Mindanao into Muslim enclaves.”

What it could have been

The agreement would entail the widening of the existing autonomous region for Muslims in the south, thus offering them broader political and economic powers.

The court had sent Aug 15 to hear the claims that the proposed deal was unconstitutional.

What it means to Sabah

I can only think of one thing — it will give more reason for the undocumented Filipinos to remain in Sabah or to return to the state upon deportation.

Although most of the Filipino immigrants did not come from Mindanao, a peace deal in the area would have uplifted the spirit of the people in the neighbouring areas such as those living in islands in the Sulu Sea.

Maybe it’s true

… that the burden of peace is often heavier than the burden of war, because only the supremely strong people are able to uphold peace.

I rest my expletives!

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Pedestrian Observer GB August 9, 2008 at 6:09 am

Sabah….. yeah what exactly is the stand of “neutral” Malaysia over this issue? Are the Malaysians willing to cede or surrender Sabah to the MILF as part of their Ancestral Domain?

What if I may ask is the entitlement of the MILF to be granted ancestral domain covering the areas that belongs to the real IPs like the Lumads, Mamanwas, Sebuans, Manobos, etc.? Ancestral domain is reserve for indigenous people and the only indigenous in South East Asia Covering the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia including Singapore are the plants and the bees. Malay race to be exact is where MILF leadership and members came from and so are the Christians they are trying to kick out of Mindanao…….. so what gives them the entitlement and privilege of having their own territory with a state?

Pedestrian Observer GB August 9, 2008 at 6:11 am

sorry for the type, it should have been within a state not with a state.

jaxon s August 9, 2008 at 9:40 am

Pedestrian Observer GB,

“Are the Malaysians willing to cede or surrender Sabah to the MILF as part of their Ancestral Domain?”

Of course not, you know the answer. We do have some experience with Singapore recently but we too have an experience, a positive one, several years back.

The Philippines is also claiming one or two outcrops in the South China Sea. We don’t know if it can avoid experiencing Malaysia’s experience with Singapore…

“What gives them the entitlement and privilege of having their own territory within a state?”

… exactly my sentiment. We can’t have “one country, two systems” unless we are China.

The people claiming the entitlement and privilege, however, are of different opinion, and more often, that opinion is not expressed the way you and I express ours but in a hail of bullets, mortar shells and the likes.

They have been doing that for decades already.

And Malaysia is not “neutral” in the negotiation if you ask me because it is to Malaysia’s own self-interest to see peace prevails in Mindanao and other areas in the southern Philippines.

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