I’m a RSS subscriber of several tour and travel forums and often times I come across questions such as where to visit in Borneo, when is the best time to visit Borneo, how to go to certain places in Borneo as well as cheap flights to Borneo.

Recently, a member of the AardvarkTravel.net Travel Forum, for instance, posted the question, “Where to visit in Borneo?“.

I wish I had the time to compile a report on all the must-visit places in Borneo — covering Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan — but I’m too busy with work.

Even if I do have the time after coming back from office, my mind would already be so tired up and bordering on fatigue that any possibility of engaging in productive research and writing is as good as none.

But I still harbour the hope of being able to come up with the report one day. If you have the time though, you might want to suggest the places through the comment section.

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