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Written by Jaxon S on May 25th, 2008 in Borneo Blog.

Just some blogkeeping announcement. I’ve removed the Borneo Polls Series widget, titled “Which of place below is your favourite destination in Sabah?”, from the main page of this blog and republished it as a page.

The reason for that is that the widget had somehow slowed down this blog’s loading time.

This may not be a problem for those with broadband connection but some of my friends who still use the 56kbps dail-up, told me that the widget was slowing down the loading time.

I guess, this blog should load faster now.

The poll can now be accessed via the header navigation. You can still vote by accessing the Poll section of this blog.

As of today, Danum Valley still leads the list of Borneo Blog readers’ favourite destination.

Another thing

I’ve also created a Forum section on this blog and still trying to figure out how to implement it effectively.

I plan to give everyone a full access to the forum so that everybody will have the chance to participate without having to go through the prior registration process.

I will be posting topics on that forum from time to time. You can also suggest topics for discussion.

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