Lungless Frog Of BorneoA frog without lungs, found in 2007 in an undisclosed location on Borneo Island, is making waves around the world since the past few two weeks. This frog practically jumps around the Internet, leaving a trail of oohs and aahs.

My Google alert has been sending me almost daily feeds from around the world about this particular frog no one thought to have existed — until this the discovery of this one, that is.

It’s called Barbourula kalimantanensis, so named as it was found in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo island.

Researchers found the frog to have no lungs and breathes through its skin.

The discovery excites researchers around the world as the frog might provide some clue into evolution in certain species, they said.

Reports said that scientists first discovered one of these frog species about 30 years ago but had never thought of dissecting it because of its rarity.

David Bickford, an evolutionary biologist at the National University of Singapore said, “No one thought to open them up — there was no real reason to believe that they could be lungless.”

“Because these specimens were so rare, they had never been dissected. If you have just one specimen in your museum, you don’t want to rip it open!”

The lungless frog of Borneo also made it to the National Geographic which reported that, “The trait in amphibians is likely an adaptation to life between water and land and their ability to respire through the skin.”

“The researchers suggest lunglessness in B. kalimantanensis may be an adaptation to the higher oxygen content in fast-flowing, cold water.”

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  1. julian Says:

    So they breathe in water or out? Or both?? Maybe the skin thing is a bit like fishes gills?

  2. Jaxon S Says:

    No idea about that, there must be a way to take in oxygen through the skin

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