Top-Ranking Law Enforcement Officer Under Probe In Sabah Land Seize


by Jaxon S on April 9, 2008

in Borneo Land Issue, Borneo Native

A senior law enforcement officer, holding the title of “Datuk” (Borneo Blog has the name… a Datuk XYZ something), is being investigated for allegedly offering “protection services” to a real estate company which allegedly seized 787 hectares (about 4,000 acres) of oil palm plantations belonging to smallholders in Kunak, Sabah.

According to the report:

In early January, the company concerned was said to have employed more than 100 illegal immigrants to seize the land worth about RM40 million.

Using attack dogs, samurai swords and shotguns, the foreigners muscled their way into the oil palm plantations in Kampung Tingkayu and prevented 171 smallholders from entering the land, which they had toiled for the past 23 years.

pondok.jpgThe picture on the left is what the report said as “A makeshift hut that was used by thugs when carrying out 24-hour patrol to guard the entrance to a plantation in Kunak, Sabah.”

What else is new? Abuses have been going on and on in Borneo. Someone should stop this slaughter of Sabah.

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