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Written by Jaxon S on February 8th, 2008 in Borneo Blog.

About Borneo

Borneo, at the size of 748,168 sq km, is the third largest island in the world. But if you count Australia (at 7,618,493 sq km) as an island, then you will have to demote Borneo into the fourth spot.


[Map by Google Earth]

If you take Australia out of the equation, then the world largest island will be Greenland, at 2,175,600 sq km, followed by New Guinea at 785,753 sq km.

Located right at the centre of Southeast Asia, the island comprised two Malaysian state (Sabah and Sarawak), an Indonesian territory (Kalimantan) and a country (Brunei).

Here is a list of the 10 of the world’s largest islands:

#01: Greenland - (840,004 sq miles) (2,175,600 sq km)
#02: New Guinea - (303,381 sq miles) (785,753 sq km)
#03: Borneo - (288,869 sq miles) (748,168 sq km)
#04: Madagascar - (226,917 sq miles) (587,713 sq km)
#05: Baffin - (194,574 sq miles) (503,944 sq km)
#06: Sumatra - (171,069 sq miles) (443,066 sq km)
#07: Honshu - (88,982 sq miles) (225,800 sq km)
#08: Great Britain - (88,787 sq miles) (229,957 sq km)
#09: Victoria - (85,154 sq miles) (220,548 sq km)
#10: Ellesmere - (71,029 sq miles) (183,965 sq km)

NOTE: Australia is widely considered as a continental landmass, not an island. In reality, it certainly is the largest island, with a size of (2,941,517 sq miles) (7,618,493 sq km). [Source: Worldatlas.com]

About the blogger

You can call me Jaxon S. I was born in Sabah, the Malaysian state on Borneo island. I spent most of my lifetime growing and living in Borneo, until in 2005 when I had to uproot from Borneo island because of work commitment.

I worked in Singapore for about 30 months until November 2007. I’m now working in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur.

Sabah, my home state, has three main ethnic groups — the Kadazandusun, Bajau and Chinese. Under the Kadazandusun group, there are over 30 more sub-ethnic groups. I am from one of the these sub-tribes, called the Kimaragang, or the name given to the descendant of a man called the Red Man.

About this blog

This blog is dedicated to Borneo, the place I where I grow up, and the place I want to return to when the time is right.

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